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“This debut album is a self-contained, self-assured, 10-song set that runs vintage styles through a restless compositional imagination to create something joyfully, startlingly unique.”Pitchfork album review, 9.1 rating

Mute has licensed DFA recording artist Hercules & Love Affair for release in the USA. The debut album “Hercules & Love Affair” will be released in America on June 24, 2008. The album release is preceded by the first single “Blind” – already a dancefloor favorite – May 27, 2008.
Hercules & Love Affair is 2008′s most exciting dancefloor concoction, an arthouse vision of pure pop by way of futuristic electronica and classic dance music, where beautiful, bruising harmonies and tensile rhythms collide in resurgent soundscapes and emotive disco workouts.

Called “A gloriously burnished fusion of 3 decades of classic dance music” by the UK’s Mojo, the album was a top-40 UK chart debut. The NME calls the album “The most-blessed thing you’ll be freaking out to on the dancefloor,” and Vogue UK says “If Ziggy Stardust made house music it would sound like this.”
Hercules & Love Affair is Andrew Butler with Antony, Nomi, and Kim Ann. Butler emerged from making music for college-based dance projects into a fully-fledged recording artist, via the New York art scene. He hooked up with his friends from there, including Nomi, Kim Ann and Antony and Hercules & Love Affair is the result.
The album is co-produced by Andrew Butler with Tim Goldsworthy of DFA at Plantain Studios in the midst of Manhattan, New York City.

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