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Mike Ness in NYC on May 13th

Mike Ness took the stage last night dawning a black cowboy hat and ready to play his roots approach to rock and roll. Sure this is a Mike Ness solo tour, but when fellow Social Distortion members Jonny Wickersham and Brent Harding are joining him, it is more of a Social Distortion “unplugged” show. I highly doubt you will ever see Social D break out the stand up bass like Harding did last night.

Ness & Co. played through most of his two solo albums, which admittedly contain many covers. However, seeing his passion playing the songs by Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, Carl Perkins, and Sonny Curtis is fine by this guy. In addition, the crowd was treated to Ness originals, “Cheating at Solitaire“, “Rest of Our Lives“, which was written for his wife, “Ballad for a Lonely Man“, which Ness had asked Johnny Cash to play with him on the album, but the Man in Black’s health was not good at the time, many others, and a newly written song.

The Social D fans were treated at the end of the first set with “Ball and Chain (Honky Tonk)“, which the crowd eagerly joined in singing. Ness & Co. finished the night off with a three song encore, which ended with Sonny Curtis’s “I Fought the Law“. Maybe it is the punk rocker in me, but I love that song, and these guys played it right to end the evening, with typical Ness intensity once again dawning the black cowboy hat.

Mike Ness is in New York again Thursday May 15th. If you did not make last night’s show, you might want to check this out.

His tour dates can be found at

Mike Ness is funny…telling a joke here from the show


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