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Michael Vick on 60 Minutes

In case you missed it, here’s Michael Vick on 60 Minutes addressing his conviction, prison time, release from jail and eventual comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles

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  1. dave says:

    Somebody bug vicks phone calls. within 2 years he’ll either get himself or his assocoiates caught dogfighting again. I expect him to be a mioney-better and an audience member instead of a fight stager.

    I expect his little band of animal torturers will make sure whatever they do wont affect him. However people like him and his associates always stuff up. it usually happens when they feel hard done by over the phone… This is why bugging his phone will open up a can of worms for him.

  2. WILL says:

    Will yall leave this man alone finally . this shit is old.. There is way more shit to worry about out here. It isn’t this much media coverage about people raping & murdering kids , and I think thats far more important than some damn dogs..

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