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A-Rod had successful arthroscopic surgery Monday that will sideline him for 6 to 9 weeks. Hmm… Just enough time for the steroid conspiracy to go away?  The World Baseball Classic is in full swing.  Team USA beat Russell Martin, Jason Bay and Team Canada on Saturday 6-5.  Sunday team USA beat Venezuela a whooping 15-6, with home runs from Kevin Youkillis, Adam Dunn and Ryan Bruan. (he’s one to watch this season). Venezuela will play an elimination game Tuesday against Italy.  Team USA will then play the winner of that game on Wednesday to decide who gets 1st place in group C.  Both teams will be moving on to Miami for round two. Go TEAM USA. These are really exciting games, if your not watching you should

Meri & Ryan Bruan (Below)


T.O from Dallas to Buffalo, the crazy man goes.  It took him two days to land a one year $6.5 million dollar deal with the Bills.  He’s the Manny Ramirez of football!  No one wants to give them long-term contracts.
There is no ” I ” in team guys.  The Cowboys signed Igor Oshansky to a four year $18 million contact that includes $8 million in guarantees.  Guarantees of what is the question?  The Cowboys are so shady.  The Cardinals locked Warner in for next season, and signed cornerback Bryant McFadden to a two year $10 million contract.

The Hawks coach, Mike Woodson, and forward Josh Smith, had a screaming match in the locker room at the half time of Saturday nights game against the Pistons.  Smith was benched for the 2nd half of the game.  No fines or suspension were handed out.  The next day things were back to normal. “The past is the past, and the present is now,” Smith said. “I’m enjoying life and my teammates. Everything’s good and I’m ready to get
back to work.” And guys say that girls are moody and too emotional?  The Celtics are injury prone.   KG will miss another week with his sprained right knee, and point guard Rajon Rondo is out with a sprained ankle. So Marbury got his 1st start with the team.  I think the Knicks really dropped the ball with the whole Marbury thing.  He’s playing all the time in Boston, who are in 2nd place, and have clinched a playoff berth
The Knicks are in 13th place under 500. Because there not smart business people.

And for all of you NASCAR loving people out there. Check out this fun new series. I find it quite hilarious!

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