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Well, the Dodgers may have the answer to their Manny problem. “Put me in left field and I’d run it all down. I’m faster than Manny,” Kobe Bryant said, before adding he’d like to bat third. “I want the clutch situations. Put me in that pressure spot”. The answer to the pitching problem, “I’m a big, tall lefty that can get it about 80 to 85 mph with a mean hook,” said Lamar Odom, who stands 6 feet, 10 inches. “I’ve got a natural curveball.” Who needs Randy Wolf and Manny? Hey, I’m sure you can get Odom at a discounted rate. Randy Wolf is reportedly looking for a $10 million, one year deal. He’s talking to the Dodgers and the Mets. He recently turned down a 3 yr, $28 million offer from the AZ Diamondbacks. I guess he’s not a fan of AZ. Both the Mets and Dodgers are looking at Jon Garland. The market is heating up for pitchers right now. The Mets up’d their offer to Oliver Perez in hopes he’ll sign. They’re lacking starting pitchers. The Yankees however are doing fine in that department with CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Monday signing Andy Pettitte to a $5.5 million, one-year contract. Let’s not forget spring training starts in a month. Now is the time to pull out the big deals. I know why I love Joe Torre! He feels the same way about A-hole as I do. In his new book, (release February 3rd), he’s apparently giving out some juicy details of a not so nice Yankee team and a not so nice Alex Rodriguez. According to the book teammates called him “A-Fraud”. They say he’s obsessed with the rivalry between him and Derek Jeter. I can’t wait to read this book. I knew I was right about A-Rod.


He may not be a Dodger yet, but Kobe Bryant is certainly the STAR of Los Angeles. Beating the Spurs on Sunday, 99-85. Kobe had 22 pts, 4 rebounds and 3 assist, before sitting out the 4th quarter. For those of you who still want to call Kobe a selfish player here are some interesting facts for you from this season. He is averaging just 26.4 points per game, his third lowest average since 2000. He’s above his career averages in assists (5.2) and rebounds (5.6). He’s also at the best shooting percentage of his career at 47%. It’s no wonder Jeff VanGundy called him Kobe ‘Nash’ on Sunday. Those stats say team player, leader and MVP. 21 year old Laker Andrew Bynum is the 20th player in the NBA to score more then 40 points in a game. He had 42pts and 15 rebounds against the Clippers, 23pts and14 rebounds against the Wizards, and 15pts and 11 rebounds against the Spurs. The Lakers, Jordan Farmer, back early from knee surgery, scored 14pts, 2 assist and 1 steal on Sunday. The starters for this year’s All Star Game have been announced. Eastern Conference: Allen Iverson, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Kevin Garnett, and Dwight Howard (this year’s top vote getter). No coach has been picked for the East yet. Western Conference: Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Tim Duncan, Amare Stoudemire, Yao Ming, and the coach, the Laker’s Phil Jackson. Jackson sat down with Magic Johnson on Friday to tape TNT interview. Clips from the interview came out before the full interview aired Sunday during the Lakers/Spurs game. Those clips were misleading. They were taken out of context, and said that Jackson was going to retire at the end of the year. Phil tried to clear up the confusion before the game by saying he often goes year-to-year without a definitive retirement plan: “Everything’s the same as it always was.” I guess we’ll find out what Phil decides to do at the end of the season, but I’m betting he’ll be back.

Sugar Shane Mosley took Antonio Margarito out in the ninth round on Saturday to win the Welterweight title. It was the first time Margarito was knocked out in his career. 20,820 people attended the fight. The largest crowd to attend a sporting event at the Staples Center since it opened in October 1999.

Super bowl is Sunday. Break out the chips, dips and beer. Cardinals vs. Steelers. Kickoff at 6:20 p.m. EST on NBC. Jennifer Hudson will be performing the National Anthem and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will perform at Halftime. GO KURT WARNER!!!

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