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Kevin Smith Fights Back!

I know this is not music related, but how can you not like a good Kevin Smith flick. This is a video of Kevin ripping a questioning nerd apart after he asks him a jerk off question @ Comic Con 2007. Kevin Smith made a living making fun of nerds in his movies and you think he is not going to tear this one a new asshole!

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  1. xxZAMMOxx says:

    So the fella asks a reasonable if ill advised question and he gets a verbal beat down of the most basic school yard ‘humour’. Everyone in the audience gaffuw’s thinking it the funniest thing they ever did hear. I always thought a good put down was when you used satire and wit of a higher level to your detractor not lower, maybe that’s why his films aren’t very good.
    Go to sleep America your Government is in control.

  2. Jason says:

    holy shit i never saw Kevin Smith rip someone apart like that. that was hilarious. the guy should do standup.

  3. RPD says:

    Wow. There’s always got to be one asshole that reads into things way too much, then ends with a political statement on America. Sort of cliché, don’t you think?

    The funny thing is that this guy thought that Kevin Smith wouldn’t know what to do if someone actually ripped on him. Everyone was expecting a kiss-ass question and you made fun of K.S. instead! Genius! I don’t think you get to where K.S. is now without having wit.

  4. blue says:

    zammo stfu u obviously wouldnt know humor if i smacked u in the face with a shovel. trying to sound all smart and dignified even tho u missed the obvious humor in that. people were laughing because a smartass like u got shot down and stubbed out infront of his peers. as harsh as that is, people like u deserve 2 b put in their place so u cant contaminate the rest of the world. good on ya kevin

  5. xxZAMMOxx says:

    Blue you cock(1), what are you 12(2)? this is a forum and not a text message service perhaps my grasp of the English language makes you feel stupid and inferior(3), u ttfc(4) mofo(5) – how’s that for an acronym! Just out of curiosity, are your parents siblings(6)?

    You must be an experiment in Artificial Stupidity(7).Why don’t you just open your mind and shut your mouth(8), both are empty anyway(9).

    Listen, are you always this stupid or are you just making a special effort today(10)? Yo’ mama so ugly even Slick Willy Clinton refused to sleep with her…(11)
    You liked that mama joke didn’t ya? Good?…well, nowhere near as good as Yo Mama was last night :) (12)

    Blue vein (13)and RPD, where else do you go when you get a verbal beat down? 13 insults with a modicum of wit and effort for your weak blue grape infected ass….14! Here’s to people like me you can think for themselves.

    I find nothing wrong in quoting the great American patriot/political sitarist Bill Hicks..if only your dumb ass new that.

  6. JulianKane says:

    The guy is not funny at all and I agree with Zammo. You, average american people don’t know what cleverness and wit are. A movie like American pie will make you laugh your asses out so I guess it can’t be helped.

  7. RPD says:

    Zammo, I’m glad you can count to 14. Also, bang-up job demonstrating your “grasp of the English language.” You’re an inspiration to every pretentious little prick out there. Hi Julian!

  8. Sp00ks says:

    apparently your grasp of the English language isn’t that great, better run that rant through the spell check ringer, one more time…

    Grammar Polizei

  9. xxZAMMOxx says:

    He he he! Spooks & RPD I’m sure you’ve noticed English(colonial) is different from American (new colonial) English….i.e. Polizei and Police for starters..RPD I’m not pretentious but intelligent and in this case smug (very very smug)!

    And yes its well known that B.Hicks was an exemplary sitar playing in a Ravi Shankar tribute band.

    Here boys! you guys aren’t Waffle House Hill Billies?? Hope you enjoy Pigsay!

  10. ugh says:

    So basically, to summarize, you agree with the heckler?

    I feel that Kevin Smith’s writing is funny. He’s not a high-brow sophisticate, has never claimed to be and conversely, would probably laugh at the idea of anyone taking him that seriously. He writes light comedies, and he’s good at it. I’ve never rolled on the ground laughing at his movies but his earlier works, such as Chasing Amy, Clerks and Mallrats, all evoked a reasonable amount of laughter, and I can’t really disagree with that.

    Now, moving past all this, even if you think the guy takes himself too seriously, what do you hope to prove against a man who makes all of his money from riffing, in front of a legion of people who are his fans? It was a suicide mission from the get go, and a pointless one at that. I’d almost believe that the guy asked the question, simply to get his 5 minutes of fame from the crowd of vampire pessimists he probably left behind so he could take the mic and make his mighty stand, or even just to see his reaction. The only other explanation I can think of is that this dolt saw jay and silent bob strike back and clerks 2, and his comment came through his ignorance of Smith’s work, and how witty the man really is (this one seems most plausible).

    Which brings me to my next point, the fact that Kevin Smith’s delivery, much to your dismay, was wit. He toyed around with the guy at first, making him think that what he’d said had had an impact on Smith, making the heckler think that, even though his comment was the most common, widely discussed criticism of Smith’s work, something that he probably gets pretty often, had actually forced Smith onto the defense. When he pulled out the line about the heckler’s mother’s ass, that was witty, whether you like it or not, it’s not up to debate. That was thinking on his feet, trailing along the heckler, letting him think he’s won, and then at the height of what looked like an insecure rant, rolled it right off his shoulders and laid into the heckler. THAT WAS WITTY. It’s fact, and wit has nothing to do with opinion. It was funny too. That is an opinion I suppose, though it is a far more informed one.

    Unlike yourself, I was taught by several post secondary professors and TA’s that using big words and buzz terms really only serves to weaken your argument. Telling yourself that you’re smug, and smarter than all of these other people is a real weak fallacy. Telling them you’re smarter than them will only make them upset with you, it won’t prove your points. Laying out your argument in a coherent way, outlining your main points and, as was mentioned by someone before, making sure to your spelling is correct (that’s what the dotted red line means), is a far more effective method of driving home one’s idea, and intellectually dominating your opposition.

    I’ve noticed that your dialect is a little odd, though I don’t think colonial english or new colonial english are actually dialects, but wikipedia has a great directory of the english language dialects that you could use for your next post if you’d like. So long as you follow the steps I gave you in the last paragraph, you might be able to really impress your friends on the vicarious music message board with how much you know about why they write so different from you. (

    I won’t ever come back to this website, but I do wish you luck with your next intellectual thrashing, and I meant to say this earlier, but I’m really sorry if your mom and I wake you up tonight, but she’s just not really used to this kind of size, but don’t worry, I’ll be as gentle as I can.

    p.s. Bill Hicks is an idiot too.

  11. Em says:

    Oh, and Zammo… the use of the word POLIZEI instead of “police” is not a “dialect” – it’s german. That makes it a witty reference to being a grammar Nazi. OH NOES IT WAS WITTY AND YOU MISSED IT!!11!
    Go do your homework.

  12. Sp00ks says:

    yeah, I know the difference between American and Colonial English, as I have spent some time studying in England. However, I do believe that “new” and “knew” have the same meaning wherever one is…but I could be wrong, after all, I guess I am American.

    and thanks Em for picking up on the grammar Nazi part :D

  13. StoNe says:


    I agree with you but please don’t argue with idiots, they bring you down to their level and will beat you with experience.

    The rest of the world cannot understand why Americans thrive off this toilet humor but they do.

    I like Kevin Smith movies, but I see no wit or humour in talking about ‘man boobs’ to get a heckler off your back. The most simple retort should have been “…and what have you written?”


    PS: I’m at this site for a link, and will never visit here again, so LET THE FORUM TROLLS COMMENCE!!

    PPS: Bill Hicks was an inspiration to American comedy, pity it died with him.

  14. Daniel says:

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