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Kanye and the Grammy’s, he done did it.

KanyeKanye had a genius performance at this years 50th Grammy’s.  Daft Punk and Kanye absolutely killed the stage and then Kanye had a beautiful tribute to his mother (which we all knew was going to happen).Then he done spoke…  He won best Rap Album beating out Nas, Jay-Z, T.I. (we were personally praying for a acceptance speech from JAIL) and Common.  He done did it, it crossed genres, WE HOME BABY…that’s right Kanye you’re home, we’re glad you snuck in 4 years ago.  Seriously asking them to stop the music because you drug on too long and talk about your mom.  Wow.  Should have made it short and sweet and just mentioned her.  We do however agree with you calling out Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson also putting out incredible music this past year.

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