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Our debut album, “There Came A Lion,” hits stores February 5th, 2008! We are so excited about this album that we are giving you a super sneak peak of what to expect…for free! For a limited time, is giving you the chance to download the very first new song “Be Still And Breathe” from the album for free here! Pass on the song with all of your friends and expect to hear more soon!

“Delivering a brand of anthemic pop-rock with jagged edges, ivoryline certainly has a winning formula. Also apparent, Ivoryline clearly have their gaze firmly set on the top.”
- Alex Davies of Decoy Music

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  1. kUMAR says:

    A band doesn’t necessarily have to be revolutionary or groundbreaking for someone to enjoy them. This is definitely the case for the youngsters in Ivoryline, a quintet from Tyler, Texas. The band recently signed to Tooth & Nail Records and released their debut album, There Came a Lion, in early February.

    Ivoryline play a formulaic blend of rock and pop, not strange or peculiar for the majority of bands on the Tooth & Nail roster, such as Anberlin and Emery. One of the biggest differences between Ivoryline and those bands, however, is the vocal work. Vocalist Jeremy Gray has a much stronger voice and a more diverse range than either of the aforementioned bands.

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