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It’s a Sounscan banter kinda morning

I’m so torn over today’s charts.  I know that as a member of the music community, whose rate of pay is directly correlated to the number of albums sold, I should be happy today.  I should be happy to see that once again the entire top 10 is above 100k sold-it should give me pride and hope…

But, there’s the other side of me.  The side that although claimed by a major label, has NOT yet sold out.  And this side of me thinks that the Top 10 is gross.

I’m sorry but for the most part it is consumed by mass marketed crapola that I’d rather gauge my eyes out with a fork than listen to.  Josh Groban singing Christmas music? Pass.  High School Musical 2? Pass. Now 26, Pass pass pass pass pass….

Where is MY music? Down at number 71, the Foo Fighters-One of the only remaining great bands putting out real music today and in 9 weeks they haven’t even gone gold.

 And then again, down to #77, Nine Inch Nails…selling a personally disapointed 17k copies in this, their first week….

What is going on here? Someone help! Save the music, save the bands who play instruments and write their songs….Someone SAVE ROCK!!!

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