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I Know Y’all are Sick of RiRi/CB News But…

There’s more on the new Ike and Tina Turner.  While Chris Brown continues to shout self-defense, watch Fox News LA read extremely detailed police notes on the Chris Brown and Rihanna fight this morning


TMZ reports also that more severe photo evidence exists, and per-police interview of Rihanna she was the victim of ongoing “escalating violence” that exploded at its worst the notorious night before the Grammys.


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  1. Tae says:

    All the evidence in the world don’t seem like it’s working. It is what it is and they are back together so the media and whoever else might as well go on about there business. Some women like abuse so hey i feel nothing if u keep running back; Don’t talk about it be about it! Do u RiRi and don’t get mad if he whoop that ass again!!!!

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