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Green Day Defends Fallen Princess of Pop

Billie Joe Armstrong claims Britney Spears is “a manufactured child” who has been “thrown to the lions” by the world’s media. continue reading…

 seems like everyone’s weighing in and trying to excuse this broad’s behaviours…But not for nothing Billie Joe, you’ve been the center of Rock/Pop limelight more than once and have managed to raise a child (quite well I may add) and hold together a family (his wife is essentially his high school sweetheart)…

Looking like Brit’s poised for the number 1 position on the top 200 charts this week…she’s currently on point to debut with 350k albums.

Laugh it up Brit, turns out this is all on a technicality.  This week’s true #1 title rightfully belongs to The Eagles who are estimated to be selling 700k by tomorrow.  Their exclusive sales deal with Wal-Mart prevents them from charting.

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