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In FlamesA Sense Of Purpose


Koch RecordsI feel confidant in declaring In Flames’ album A Sense of Purpose already has my vote for 2008′s best accidental discovery. It’s got everything I look for in a ‘great album’. 
Diversity meets guys who can actually play their instruments and show a sense of control (sorry Wolfmother fans, no never-ending solo guitar riffs here) and a lead vocalist with 
range and more importantly, a gut wrenching growl. Track one hooked me. The Mirrors truth is a peek into the rest of the album that lets you know its not going to be boring. Track 
eight takes the fav for the intense intro that pulls you in without being too long and a quivering build up in vocals. 

Epic on several levels. This is one seriously for the drive. Put in the car and just go. Read the CD insert for lyrics which are deep but no boring 
philosophy lesson. There’s also some really phenomenal album art. The entire album is packaged very well.

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