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Imogen Heap – “Speak for Yourself”

I got this cd recently and I really am in love with it. I listened to it on my way to California during the plane ride. It’s probably a little girly for some tastes. I think it’s really sweet that she learned how to play instruments all by herself and used to use the Atari Computer for production. I know she was also in Frou Frou and I’ve heard a couple of their songs and like them as well. She has other solo cds but I haven’t got a chance to listen to them. But, now I think I might try since I like this one so much! It’s another feel good cd. I really like the song “Goodnight and Go” on this cd. I love the electronic feel and her vocals. The song “Hide and Seek” was also in one of my favorite tv shows! I’m really going to investigate her other work.

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