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Santogold is Santi White; born in 1976 in Philadelphia, with a voice and sound quite unlike any other, released her debut self-titled album this year.

Before listening to this CD, I was already very aware of her whether I knew it or not. She gets a lot of radio air-play on the UK’s radio 1 and has had singles featured in several commercials, both US and UK.

My good friend wikipedia also tells me she has worked with the man with the midas touch, Mark Ronson…. What a babe.

But back to Miss Santi; first off all the album artwork itself does appeal to me. It’s gold and sparkly, need I say more? I really can’t read any of the track titles on the back of the CD but the sparkles might be what’s distracting my eyes!

Having L.E.S Artistes as a first track is just mind-blowing, I fucking love this song. Her quick, smart, aloof lyrics just make me melt and want to eat her up.

Change, change, change,

I want to get up out of my skin

Tell you what

If I can shake it

I’m ‘a make this

Something worth dreaming of.

This album is full of consistency catchy songs made up of catchy choruses and hot words. I am big on clever lyrics, I love words and I melt for people who can write stuff that keeps me interested. And it doesn’t matter that Santi is fucking hot as anything.

Having said she has a voice quite unlike anyone else; I still stick by that but a times she does sound like vintage Gwen Stefani with the ska and reggae influences heard in Shove it and starstruck. That is by no means a bad thing, I love vintage Gwenny! Moving onto “Lights Out!”, I am hearing some Blondie and a totally different voice which I still am in love with.

I think that everyone reading this should buy this album. Now. And thank you vicarious for sending me this, it might be my favorite yet!!!

While lurking her myspace I discover she is friends with MIA, am I surprised? No.

Do I want a sex tape of the two to surface? Yes.

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