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Brian Eno – “Apollo”

They father of ambient music, or so they call him. He’s been around since the 70s. He is now about 60 years old! I don’t know how much music he is doing now. I think he perhaps is just doing some movie music now. If your into listening to some fantastic ambient music on a lazy day I highly suggest looking him up. His inspiration was minimalism. He has done a lot of abstract soundscapes on some compilations. I usually enjoy listening to him on late night when I don’t want to wake the neighbors but want to listen to something a bit inspiring. It’s very easy going music that is nice to write to, if your a writer at all. Eno has also been know for his involvement when he helped out David Bowie on his avant garde berlin trilogy. He also helped make Devo popular. He has recently contributed a chapter to “Sound Unbound: Sampling Digital Music and Culture” So check it all out! And let me know what you think.

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