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Moby – Alice ( Single )

It’s an electronic album, if you know Moby at all then, of course you would expect this.
I like the phat beats of this new single. I love the Midi Remix.
I actually love it! I can’t wait to hear more new songs from him!!
It’s similar to what I listen to most of the time. A lot of the local Dj’s I go see here in MN have this Phat sound :)
I enjoy the vocals as well. And if you like Electronic music at all I highly recommend it!!
I don’t know much about how to DJ or anything but I think this single would be amazing live!~ Who wants to go see Moby with me?!
I don’t enjoy the acappella remix on this album as much though. It’s a lot slower and not as exciting!~
And the DROP THE LIME HEAVY BASS remix is SWEET! :) If you like Drum and Bass I think you will like this one more ;)

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