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Foo Fighters- In your honor

Members- Dave Grohl- Guitar/Vocals

Taylor Hawkins- Drums

Nate Mendel- Bass

Chris Shiflett- Guitar

To my surprise when I opened my latest bag of goodies from the goodpeople at vicarious, I discovered In Your Honor, with an originalrelease date of 2005; this isn’t by any means a new CD I am reviewingit because I love those foo fighters so much I couldn’t resist anangsty trip down memory lane with those anthemic, bittersweet songs.

As usual I will grace you with a pearl of wisdom from wikipedia, thistime not about the band per se, but their namesake. Did you know theterm “Foo Fighter” was coined by allied aircraft pilots in WW2 todescribe UFOs seen flying over the skies of Europe?!  Well I did not. Perhaps I am dumb.

Back to the matter at hand, I absolutely adore everything about this 2disc album. The elaborate Americana infused album artwork is awesomeand appeals to my old school Americana obsession. There is also abuffalo which makes a few appearances in the artwork, not much I cansay about him but… he’s cute!Disc one begins with In Your Honor, the awesome prolonged guitar andfeedback filled intro sends chills down my spine because I know whatscoming next; the gravel throated words of Mr Dave Grohl. I still can’tdecide if he’s singing or shouting at me through my speakers but Ilike it either way.I feel the entire album has a much more late 90s rock feel thansomething that was released in 2005. Perhaps that’s because Iassociate most angsty rock with the 90s.

This album makes me want to listen to ash and reminisce over old times. The perfect sountrack to”one of those days”.Moving onto one of my favorite songs of all time, DOA, I almostcouldn’t wait to hear that guitar intro and those dark, creepy, catchylyrics. “It’s a shame we had to die my dear. No one’s getting out ofhere alive, this time” is always something I’d expect to hear from TheMisfits rather than Dave Grohl, but he sings it well.The beginning of disc two is like a dark, rock lullaby. Mr Grohl issinging me into a sad sad sleep but I still can’t stop listening. If I didn’t know better I’d think this is the kind of thing you release when an angel visits you in your sleep to tell you that you’re aboutto be assassinated and you want people to mourn in those last,miserable songs you ever sung.

Then the crooning beats of Virginia Moon kick in which instantly liftmy spirits and make me wish I was dancing in a black and white movie.Norah Jones’ voice fits perfectly with Dave Grohl’s to make a songthat could melt the heart of a hardened criminal. Wow I love thissong.I am going to cut off my review here before I drive everyone insanewith my babbling but, in conclusion, this is an awesome, well-loved,anthemic album. Capable of evoking every emotion you have.

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