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Otep- The_Ascension

Otep Shamaya- vocals
“Evil” J. McGuire- bass/backing vocals
Aaron Nordstrom- guitar
Brian “Haggis” Wollf- drums

With their kooky album artwork and back-to-front E or possibly 3 for
all the l337 |<1D5 out there, i knew this must be the same ot3p i once
listened to as a 16 year old full of teen angst and needing a shouty
female to look up to.

Once again i trusted my good friend wikipedia to tell me something i
didn’t already know. And it did! Until just now i was unaware that
Otep is actually the vocalist’s name, who incidentally is very hot and
i would quite like to see her naked. Wiki also tells me that Sharon
Osbourne fell so in love with this band that she offered them a spot
on the 2001 Ozzfest tour. I also can’t help but notice they have been
through a lot of drummers over the years.. spinal tap anyone?

Having also toured with Static-X and Bloodsimple i feel there is only
one way to describe this band- “nu-metal”. It seems like people hate
this genre name but it is nothing to be ashamed of. No matter what
your friends say, they have been a fan at some point, i’m sure!

The intro to this album is not quite what i remembered of them, an
eerie whispering/singing was coming out of my speakers and i didn’t
really know what was going on. I thought for a second i was listening
to some old creepy Tori Amos… until it broke into the clever,
creepy, quick lyrics i knew and loved.

I had always thought Otep sounded somewhat like Tairrie B of My
Ruin/Tura Satana fame and that thought is still with me. Although not
everyone’s cup of tea… this is another band that tickles me.

Although nu-metal is not all this band spews out, track 3, perfectly
flawed is a pleasant surprise. It is mellow and almost ballad-esque
but still has the same creepy lyrics you would expect and hearing the
lines, “You’re perfectly flawed, you’re perfectly incomplete…” makes
me feel 16 again.

The “niceness” soon dissapears as track 4, confrontation, comes
blaring out of my speakers. The politically fuelled anger in this song
makes me think that i would like to meet Otep and hug her.

All in all i like this album, it is what it is…female-shouty nu-metal rage.
And who doesn’t need some of that in their lives?

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