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Horse the band- A Natural Death

Erik Engstrom- keyboards, gameboy, samples
Nathan Winneke- vocals
David Isen- guitar
Dashiell Han Arkenstone- bass, baritone, organ
Chris Prophet- drums

So I had heard of this band before, but never heard them. I decided I
should google them and of course good old wikipedia came up with a
description that made me love them already; “Nintendo-core”.

The album art work by David Klein definitely appealed to me, like the
blood brothers got stuck in an old western. I hope they dress like
that all of the time.

Vocalist David Winneke has apparently been known to describe his
lyrics as “Lynchian” (referring to director David Lynch), being
brought up on Twin Peaks I can assure all you Lynch fans that you will
not be disappointed by this claim.

On first listen I felt like I was listening to Darkest Hour via Sega
Mega Drive but a more diverse range of music emerged as the album went
on. Track 3, the sparking secret of super sapphire, is more mellow and
creepy and then a little later track 8, sex raptor, is like the
best/worst 80′s dance music ever until you listen to the lyrics and
realize how morbid, eerie and ever so slightly NIN they are. I’d like
to feel Nathan’s teeth, I hear they’re long and hard.

Technically this band are awesome- vocals, guitar, bass, drums,
keyboards; everything is tight and solid. It is refreshing to find a
band now who don’t have any weak links.

With vocals reminiscent of Marilyn Manson, Alexisonfire, Sikth and
everything inbetween; this band tickles me in all the right places.

I feel like Horse the band are what Enter Shikari would like to sound
like in 5 years with some effort and refining.

All in all, if you like any of the previously mentioned bands or
simply cannot define your music taste- pick up A Natural Death and I
think you will be as happy as me.

So thank you vicarious music for being the matchmaker in this
blossoming new love affair with Horse and myself.

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  1. Maldonado says:

    I’ve never heard of them… i’ll have to check into it! thx.

    I also agree with James…


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