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Back In Your Head – Remixes, Vol. 2 – EP – Tegan & Sara

First off, I love Tegan and Sara. I think their fantastic. Their single “Back in your head” is awesome! And they made this remix single of like three songs. The second one (RAC mix) is pretty sweet, other than that I prefer the original version. Most of the remixes on this album, I feel interfere with the awesome-ness of the original song. For all of you that don’t know “back in your head” Original version I highly recommend checking it out, if you like indie/girly-ness. I’ve been interested in Tegan and Sara for a long time.
Also, another thing about this album.. On itunes and other things they list it as “Dance” music which really it is not even close to dance music. I am a big dance/electronica fan and this is no where near what dance music is. So if that’s what your looking for in this “Remix” album of “Back in your head” you are going to be very disappointed.

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