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Death Row’s
Snoop Doggy Dogg
Greatest Hits
Delux –   Released in 2001

First off, I love snoop dogg. I don’t know what it is about him. It’s ultimately the best music to listen to when your drinkin’. So why don’t ya’ll come over and drink with me and we can listen to some snoop?
His beats are fantastic, old skool and his rhymes are perfect. Gin & Juice happens to be on of my favorite songs of all time. It always makes me want to dance. Who wants to come over and dance with me?
Did you know he’s been making music for fifteen years now?!
He’s always got this hot chicks around, he’s got to be doing something right!!! There is so many songs on this cd that I love! You just gotta check it out!!! This cd is fantastic and I am in love with snoop dogg. I hope some of you agree with me. Hehe..

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