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Foos ROCK the Garden

Consistency may not be the spice of life, but it sure is a good thing when it comes to making music, and the Foo Fighters consistently ROCK the FUCK OUT. Vicarious music just had the honor and pleasure of seeing them live at MSG (which was also taped for a Fuse TV special, if you feel like checking it out) and every time we see them it gets better and better.Grohl is an intriguing combination of showman and musician-seamlessly melding the two into one big ball of kick ass. Acoustic or full on electric, The Foos energy hits the red zone every single time.Some highlights include the fact that the Foos played songs off of every single album…everything you could possibly want to hear. And all with Pat Smears, love when he comes out to play.Spoiler alert (for any of you going to see them later on the tour): They have a separate stage holding all their acoustic gear that hides in the ceiling, only to be revealed about 1/2 way through the show. On that stage they did “Skin and Bones”, “My Hero” and a personal favorite “Everlong”…which eventually led the band back to the mainstage for a balls out electric finish.The first ever triangle solo to be played in MSG…only the Foos.Dave’s ADORABLE daughter Violet was on hand, dancing and clapping along to Daddy’s music.and completing the evening was a Rachel Ray sighting filled with some of the worst air drumming we’ve ever seen.[youtube=]

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