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Eli’s coming…hide your Smarts away.

Awww Snap…who is the new blog bag up in this Vicariousness…

Some quick background before we get too deep. I am Eli, I am 31 (thirtyfun), I’m pleasantly married with a wackadoo 3 year old, I co-own a production company (, I blog/rip other peoples funny links here (, I dig on tech, film/photography, sports, (all the balls, foot, base, basket, fantasy and the mma action too), video games, and of course all things Herche. My musical tastes run the gamut: hip hop mid 90’s, 70’s rock, bluegrass, early decade emo, and the punk/metal and gogo (dc love) in between.  Gimme Keith Sweat, Janis Joplin, Radiohead, Masta Ace, Minor Threat, Backyard Band and the Foo Fighters…and you get the picture.

So, lemme not bore you fools, I’ll just ring up a couple of newish things I think are great right now. Give ya a taste for where I’m coming from. A great online resume site to link some of your favorite bloggin/music listening tools into one seamless little page about yourself. Easy to navigate, quick to update and as pretty as you want it to be. Recently moved off of beta testing and ready for primetime. I think it’s wonderful in it’s simplicity and accessibility. Search specific songs or artists. Login to make your own mixes and share them, or listen to like minded users own lists.

Ustream broadcasting app: Simply amazing that this free app lets Iphone 3g (and 3gs) users shoot and save video and broadcast live, off of a cellular network even. Gotta love great programming in conjunction with bandwith hogging.  So, say something, say nothing…but share it with the world, when the hell ever ya want.

Uncharted 2: This game is blazing awesome. Refined and glossed, this game is a monument to intelligent game making, set pieces keep coming and coming, animation is top rate, environments are screen grab worthy. And fun top to bottom. You are hooked in the first 5 minutes.

American Gangster: The show…BET took it up a notch with these Gangsta Biographies. You know it’s well done when you get a majority of photos/footage and interviews rather than recreations and second hand tales. Some amazing criminal lives put into perspective and objectively examined. Well worth 10% of your DVR.

Alright yall. Big thanks to the Vicarious team for giving me the opportunity to spew away. I hope this will be a weekly checkin…a mix of links/opinions/damn did you see that’s and so forth. Give me a shout if ya got comments/suggestions/jokes…gotta love jokes.  @heitin

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