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Eli loves your Christmas.

Happy Holidays and all that good stuff. It’s Eli, it’s links…maybe ya heard of some of this, maybe ya haven’t, but how would we know if we didn’t try.

Chat Roulette: Similar to Omegle, but better…If you have a hankering to see a strange persons face, and you feel like abandoning any social norms…check this site out. It randomly connects you to a webcam chat with someone around the world, anonymously. I’ll let you ponder the possibilities, but lets just say this lies somewhere between prank calls and far away penpalmenship (I say men, cuz I’ve yet to stumble onto a female on this thing, but I have seen a bunch of shirtless dudes). It’s as hysterical as you make it. And you can always hit the NEXT button. (Photo)

Indestructable USB Keys: It started with the bright idea of having easy data storage always in your pocket so ya don’t have to think about it. I tried 2 different thumb drives on my keychain, only to have inevitable snap offage before too long. But this new breed is supposedly indestructible, and is all metal and made specifically for a keychain. I’ll let ya know how it goes, but I’m diggin the understanding these people have for the mosh pit in my pocket. Continuing in the realm of online random enjoyment. The name speaks for it’s not super new, but it’s always good for cracking a smile and giving you a false sense of rhythmic talent.

Online Basketball: Cool as heck and simple. Test your jumpshot, live against a leaderboard which constantly updates after every stroke. Addictive and easy/not so easy…well worth a few clicks till your boss passes your cubicle.

Machinarium: If you haven’t hurt your brain recently. This would be a good way to do so. An enchanting and challenging puzzle adventure game. No words, just visuals as your droid maneuvers his way through a robot world looking for an escape. With a built in cheat book, this is one that will challenge and entertain for hours…will it cure your headaches? Not so much.

Jelly Bellys: Do these things ever get old?? NO!!! Every bite is a different variety…what other candy goes from popcorn tasting to peanut butter to coffee to watermelon without a hitch.  You know you are cool when you were the basis for a Harry Potter item (yes, I’m just making this assocation up between Bertie Bots Everything Flavored Beans and jelly bellys…but I’ll bet I’m right).

Aight yall. Big Happys to you. Always enjoyable when our whole country takes a culural break on productivity. Now if only we can implement the siesta in 2010.

Chat Roulette

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