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Do The Dog Scratch…by Baxter House


Does your dog scratch in the summer? Does your dog get hot spots? Does your dog mutilate himself and frustrate you and others to no end? You can’t find a solution. You’re tried creams, sprays, baths, vets, natural remedies, frontline, steroids from the vet (grrr) etc but nothing seems to work!

My super dog, Bombay is allergic to fleas so if he gets even one measly flea bite, forget it, it’s over.  He will scratch and scratch and bite and bite until he’s ripping away at his tender skin! After trying literally every single possible remedy, I finally tried something most would find taboo: Marijuana. My fiance and I were going nuts over Bombay’s incessant scratching until one day I finally decided to go against everything I yelled at my fiance for in the past and blow a little weed smoke in Bombay’s face. Now Bombay is no stranger to weed. He’s closely cuddled with pot smokers nearly every day so we already knew he kind of dug it. While my fiance blew the smoke in his face Bombay drew his face closer to my man’s lips, inhaling the sweet smoke. Lo and behold, 30 seconds later, not a scratch…just a happy, little, ol’ dog snuggling on my lap. We were truly amazed by this miraculous use of the most wonderous natural medical drug, marijuana! After all, we know its physically harmless and drastically helps sufferers of MS, cancer, aids, depression, muscular dystrophy, glaucoma, and much much more.

Since then we’ve decided we don’t want to risk damaging Bombay’s little lungs so we put a teensy amount of leaves in some peanut butter or tuna fish and feed it to him when he starts to scratch. I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved little Bombay is as well as all of the humans who love and adore him. Some of you may want to call the animal cops on me and some of you immature, deuche bag or anti social types might want to take advantage of this knowledge and start blowing smoke in every animals’ face but be forewarned: this is not a joke, you should only try this if your pet has a serious allergy problem that leads to harmful skin irritations from scratching and biting.

Also, for topical inflammations, open cuts or scabs, I find putting aloe directly on the skin works best.

Let me know your thoughts on this people. I’d love to hear how it works out for you loving pet owners and your pets!!

If you own a caged pet, please let it out of its cage and give it some exercise and affection…same goes for those of you who chain/tether your dogs (which is now illegal in CA).  When animals are distressed, they often turn to self mutilative behaviors.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Gandhi

Written by Rachel of Baxter House

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