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Diplo’s “Blow Your Head” EP out tomorrow


UPDATE: DJ Eli Escobar’s remix that we posted last week was the wrong mix! Download this new one (it’s quite different and way better) and trash yer old one / repost on yer blog / etc please! Also this is now out tomorrow digital and out on vinyl next week- and it’s an EP not an album as some people seem to think – tracklisting:

Blow Your Head
Must Be A Devil feat Marina Vello
Wassup Wassup feat Rye Rye (Crookers Remix)
Wassup Wassup feat Rye Rye (Bart Bmore Remix)
Wassup Wassup feat Rye Rye (DJ Sega Remix)

digital bonus:
Wassup Wassup feat Rye Rye (Crookers Happy Remix) <———-this is the one you guys dont have yet!

Blow Your Head – Eli Remix

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