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Rick Ross tops the Soundscan charts?

Posted on by chris

Whoa…did not see that one coming!  Snoop utilized the entire forumla; released a racey and buzz worthy first single, showcased his wide variety of A list and iconic producers on his own top rated reality show, press junkets surrounding both … Continue reading

It’s a Sounscan banter kinda morning

Posted on by chris

I’m so torn over today’s charts.  I know that as a member of the music community, whose rate of pay is directly correlated to the number of albums sold, I should be happy today.  I should be happy to see … Continue reading

Early Soundscan Forecast

Posted on by chris

Now we all know by now how much I love Wednesdays, so usually I avoid reading all the official and unoffical soundscan forecasts that start circulating Monday of every week. However this week, being one of the most crucial in … Continue reading

Does New Jersey rule the world?

Posted on by chris

This week in Soundscan Bon Jovi “Lost Highway” sold 291,532 making it the #1 selling record this week and the White Stripes “Icky Thump” sold 223,056…what is wrong with the world when an over the hill band outsells a great … Continue reading