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Publicity Stunt or True Love

Posted on by chris

I don’t know what the hell is in the water out there in Hollywood, but that place and it’s inhabitants get weirder and weirder every day. Earlier this week the media was all up in arm after Mariah Carey made … Continue reading

Jackass not so funny anymore…

Posted on by chris

Vicarious hasn’t really been covering the Steve-O controversy the past few days…however this new video prompted us to give it a mention. In a nutshell, Steve-O was arrested on a felony charge for cocaine possession, then send suicide letters to … Continue reading

“What We Want”….We got!

Posted on by chris

Spitzers out of office…and alother celebutante is made! Here’s the woman whom will go down in history as Spitzers last romp in politics, Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka “Kristen”.  Apparently the aspring singer turned to a life of prostitution after a … Continue reading

Coldplay denies Album Title

Posted on by chris

Coldplay have denied claims that their upcoming album will be titled Prospekt.