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Michael Vick on 60 Minutes

Posted on by Fresh P

In case you missed it, here’s Michael Vick on 60 Minutes addressing his conviction, prison time, release from jail and eventual comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles

Paula Abdul’s “Big Comeback”??

Posted on by chris

a) Haven’t we learned our lesson’s about being a bit crazy and making a “bit comeback” in a highly publicized/televised performace? b) I don’t like to see 40 something year olds trying to be sexy like a 20 something year old. … Continue reading

And this year’s Superbowl Halftime Performer is…

Posted on by chris

Tom Petty! The pool the the NFL has to choose from is quite small since nipplegate and various other scandalous former halftime shows.  Additionally, someone like the Hannah Montana chick or those crazy kids of High School Musical don’t appeal … Continue reading

NYC Football Bars.

Posted on by chris

Click here for a list of NYC Sports Bars that are great for Football…