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Cage The Elephant “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”

March 28, 2009 — All grown up, Cage The Elephant has their major record label debut album coming out on April 21st… An it’s available iTunes now thought and doing quite well, charting in the top 10 Rock albums.

Go back 2 years and a good friend told me I should check these guys out and I did, so much that I contacted them and help set up a Blender (R.I.P.) interview when they were in New York.  They were from the same small southern town that my mother grew up in, Bowling Green, KY and I really thought they had what it took to make it but much like the Kings of Leon had to go to UK to make it happen first.

Below was the second time I saw them play and that interview happened, before Q Prime Management, before Britney Spears A & R guy and about every other major player in the business and head of family gathered to see them…


Upcoming tour dates:

4/11     Hi Dive                         Seattle, WA

4/13     Berbati’s Pan                Portland, OR
4/15     Cafe du Nord              San Francisco, CA
4/17     Coachella Festival      Indio, CA
4/18     House of Blues             San Diego, CA
4/19     Modified                      Phoenix, AZ
4/21     Marquis                        Denver, CO
4/24     Subterranean               Chicago, IL
4/25     House of Blues             Cleveland, OH
4/28     The Note                      West Chester, PA
4/29     930 Club                      Washington DC
4/30     Jerky’s                          Providence, RI

5/1       Café 939                      Boston, MA
5/2       Bamboozle East          East Rutherford, NJ

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