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“Be Like Lil’ Wayne” may be the best iPhone application YET!


It’s completely worth the $0.99 cost for the “Be Like Lil’ Wayne” iPhone application. The possibilities are endless and wonderfully asinine…..

Per EpicTilt, the application’s designers:
“Lil’ Wayne equips you with a vast array of his personal bling and outfits to pimp yourself out so you can share with your friends! You can even add Lil’ Wayne himself into your pictures and share with the rest of the world by email or by showing it off in the Lil’ Wayne user gallery!”

Be Like Lil' Wayne

Be Like Lil' Wayne


Be Like Lil' Wayne

While you’re busy getting your Wayne on here’s the new mixtape for your full belly listening pleasure

The Empire & Lil Wayne – The Drought Is Over Pt. 6 (The Reincarnation)

Link swacked from Monsieur X.


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