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Anti-Flag head into studio for new LP



New York, NY- Acclaimed Pittsburgh- based band, Anti-Flag have teamed up with Hall of Fame producer Tony Visconti to begin recording the follow up album to their 2006 release, For Blood and Empire on RCA Records. Immersed in Sainte-Claire Studios in Lexington, KY preparing for a spring 2008 release, the innovative pairing have already introduced some new and surprising elements into the band’s established punk sound. Visconti has put his illustrious stamp on records of such artists as David Bowie, T Rex, Brian Eno, U2, and Morrissey and is now bringing that same passion and vigor to arguably the past decade’s most ferocious politically-tinged band Anti-Flag.

As bassist Number 2 divulges, “In a sense we are trying to create the most D.I.Y. record we’ve ever made. This concept is precisely why we chose Tony Visconti to aid us in our vision. This is the first album we have not recorded with a click track since our first release and we are trying to make it sound as live and having as much energy as possible. When writing songs for this album we set out to challenge ourselves and anyone who has any preconceived notion of what Anti-Flag means, believes in, stands for and sounds like.”

In addition to working on a new album, on October 2 Anti-Flag will release a limited edition EP, “A Benefit for Victims of Violent Crime.”  This cause hit close to home for Anti-Flag earlier this year, when Number 2′s family experienced the horror of losing a family member when his sister and her boyfriend fell victim to a violent crime, leaving behind a young daughter and son.  The EP features five new Anti-Flag studio tracks, along with five live songs recorded at Pittsburgh’s Mr. Smalls at the conclusion of the band’s War Sucks, Let’s Party tour earlier this year.  All proceeds from the EP are going to the The Center for Victims of Violence and Crime ( as well as educational bonds.   The EP will be released on the band’s A-F Records label and distributed via Red Eye Distribution.

Anti-Flag’s prior full-lengths – Underground Network (2001) and Terror State (2003) – were released by the gold standard of indie-punk labels, Fat Wreck Chords. The band’s DIY mentality and outspoken dedication to the punk scene brought about their own widely-distributed record label, A-F Records.  The label is now home to several other underground bands as well as other Anti-Flag releases.

Stay tuned as we unveil what is sure to be a landmark album in Anti-Flag’s history…

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