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Amazon leaks Lil Wayne FEBRUARY RELEASE!

Ever-Shifting Release Date Prompts Lil’ Wayne Leak…

Only the details are different, but another big-name release is now leaking.  Lil’ Wayne’s upcoming Rebirth, recently pushed to early February, is now an easy grab online.  Billboard blames Amazon for accidentally shipping pre-orders way ahead of schedule, based on an earlier in-store of December 21st.  That may be true, though constantly-shifting release dates meant that lots of pre-release product was floating around, the ingredients for a near-certain leak.

Either way, Wayne label Motown Universal is faced with a very difficult set of choices.  A shift back into December is probably impossible at this stage, though the long stretch into February almost guarantees that fans will jump online to get a free copy.  That could soften the sales tally, though Wayne has stared down leaks before.  Despite a pre-release leak in mid-2008, Tha Carter III scored first-week sales of more than one million, and 3.3 million to date.

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