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Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

Alchemist featuring Prodigy & Nina Sky “Key to the City”

Posted on by chris

Props to Alchemist who put Prodigy’s little boy in the video for “Key to the City” [youtube=]

Remix the Clipse present Re-Up Gang & Listen to their full record

Posted on by chris

Remix the Re-Up (Clipse) Step 1. Join this group Step 2. Download the Acapellas by clicking this link Step 3. Go Nuts. Remix the Re-Up. Step 4. Upload your remix to this page Step 5. Win fits from The Clipse … Continue reading

Could the rumors be true?

Posted on by chris

Mac lovers, techies and early adaptors-rejoice! Sure at this point it’s nothing but rumor and speculation but those on the inside are reporting that we could be seeing a MacBook Touch on the shelves as early as THIS October. Our … Continue reading

Universal is a lucky label group

Posted on by chris

hot on the heels of a MEGA hit album with Lil Wayne, Universal continues its rein at the top of the majors by snagging themselves some serious ROCK ROYALTY. None other than the ROLLING STONES are the latest act to … Continue reading

On the road again

Posted on by chris

Fleetwood MacĀ have just announced they will beĀ hitting the road again in 2009!The tour is most likey to hype fans back up for a speculated new album.