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Daily Archives: June 5, 2008

Metallica…the new record

Posted on by chris

Experience the new Metallica album before it’s out…this is a great site

NIN at it again…

Posted on by chris

NIN is at it again…offering up a Free EP (Tour EP) on their official web-site Get it here 

Digital Underground is back with a new record

Posted on by chris

Don’t lie…we know you’re as excited as we are.  Humpty Dance is the ONLY song I’ll perform at Karaoke by the way. New music is up on their MySpace page

Slow Your Roll!

Posted on by chris

This is interesting…. Everyone’s got an energy drink these days, even SRC Records puts out one called LOUD.  Someone had to take this concept and spin it on it’s head right? That company is here! “Drank” is the first anti-energy drink … Continue reading