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Daily Archives: March 13, 2008

Jabbawockeez – America’s Best Dance Crew – Episode 5

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Trent is really doing some great things

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From Hello- First of all, a sincere THANK YOU for the response to Ghosts. We are all amazed at the reaction for what we assumed would be a quiet curiosity in the NIN catalog. My faith in all of … Continue reading

“What We Want”….We got!

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Spitzers out of office…and alother celebutante is made! Here’s the woman whom will go down in history as Spitzers last romp in politics, Ashley Alexandra Dupre aka “Kristen”.¬† Apparently the aspring singer turned to a life of prostitution after a … Continue reading

Wanye premiere

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Lollipop premiere, garbage I say but at least he has a reds hat on…yeah cincy Click here to see video¬†