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Daily Archives: July 17, 2007

Enter to win Virgin Festival Tickets!

Posted on by chris

BIGSTRING.COM is a Free email service, like gmail, but has a bunch of cool features such as recallable email, self destructing email, embeddable video email and more. So when you send a drunken email to someone and regret it in … Continue reading

The Powergeek 25

Posted on by chris

 “The Powergeek 25” ranks the 25 most powerful and influential people in the web music business. Says Blender editor-in-chief Craig Marks   25. Pete Wentz: net-obsessed star of Fall Out Boy 24. Bob Leftsetz: The Leftsetz Letter (music business blog) … Continue reading

The Decemberists in Central Park last night

Posted on by chris

Clad in mismatched seersucker suits as only The Decemberists could pull off, Colin Meloy and crew, accompanied by just as mismatched an array of musical instruments, graced Summerstage in Central Park last night. Let me tell you why I love … Continue reading

Crunk Makes It Into The Dictionary

Posted on by chris

“For the better part of two years now, Lil Jon has spent every waking moment reminding us, via shouted missives and the ginormous hunk of platinum and diamonds around his neck, that “Crunk Ain’t Dead.” Now, thanks to the wordsmiths … Continue reading

The Decemberists “Crane Wife 3″

Posted on by chris

The Decemberists playing “Crane Wife 3″ last night at Central Park Summerstage. [youtube=]

Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality

Posted on by chris

Get ready: Next week the Dirty South makes its Upper East Side debut when Justin Timberlake’s newest endeavor opens  Wednesday July 25th. Southern Hospitality is a joint venture between Timberlake and close friends/restaurateur Eytan Sugarman and Trace Alaya (JT’s partner … Continue reading