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100 Days That Changed Music

100. October 3, 2000
Radiohead release Kid A
Spontaneously, guitar fans everywhere begin weeping.

99. December 11, 1965
The Velvet Underground play their first show
Giving birth to the sound of alternative rock.

98. April 13, 1963
The Kingsmen record “Louie Louie”
When it becomes a hit, everyone assumes singer Jack Ely’s incomprehensible mumbling masks obscenity, causing the first panic over dirty lyrics.

97. November 23, 1936
Robert Johnson’s first recording session
The King of the Delta Blues Singers hooks up with the devil, provides a Rosetta Stone for rock pioneers including Eric Clapton and Keith Richards.

96. December 14, 1977
Saturday Night Fever debuts in New York
Prompting the inexorable march of polyester suits and disco into the suburbs — and throughout the world.

95. August 21, 1966
The Doors perform “The End” at L.A.’s Whisky A Go Go
Jim Morrison’s 11–minute–plus nightmare about Oedipal desire, snakes and ancient lakes cements the Doors’ Dionysian rep — and earns them a permanent ban from the club.

94. February 1, 2004
The Most Infamous Super Bowl Halftime Ever deep–sixes Janet Jackson’s career and ushers in a brave new era of “decency.”

93. June 30, 1989
Do the Right Thing hits theaters
Introducing Public Enemy’s righteous rage to the world at large, Spike Lee’s breakout film practically doubled as a music video for “Fight the Power,” which is heard no less than 15 times in the movie.

92. January 31, 1955
RCA demonstrates first synthesizer
The room–size machine capable of generating and shaping sounds makes Abbey Road, dance music, keytars and Madonna possible.

91. September 8, 1965
Classified ad runs to form the Monkees
The first fictional band was born, presaging Josie and the Pussycats, Gorillaz and the current incarnation of Guns N’ Roses.

90. June 18, 1988
Depeche Mode sell out the Rose Bowl
About 80,000 goths pack the So–Cal stadium — and synth–rock gets its stamp of legitimacy.


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